Our team of certified technicians will monitor your computer systems around-the-clock to prevent unscheduled downtime and catastrophic failures. The Casey Group also provides your employees with unlimited, remote technical support. Using remote support services, our technicians will troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve many common computer problems in just minutes. We focus on helping our clients protect and maintain their network, servers, workstations and laptops. Additionally, we provide web hosting services.

Key Features of our Basic, Managed IT Service


  • 24/7 Real Time Network Monitoring - We monitor your systems, 24/7, looking for problems before they happen. Most of the time, The Casey Group knows about system issues before you do. When a system fails, the monitoring application instantly notifies The Casey Group of the problem so we can immediately begin working on a resolution. One of the critical aspects of this service is monitoring, reporting and fixing of internet connectivity of your internet service provider.
  • Network Troubleshooting


  • Spyware scans and removal
  • Virus scans and removal
  • Automatic data back-up and data recovery
  • Theft protections – if your PC is ever stolen, The Casey Group will be able to fully “wipe” the memory of the PC the NEXT time it connects onto the internet.
  • Firewall setup and support
  • Printer setup and support
  • Secured networks and data systems back up


  • Remote desktop support – Our technicians can remotely access your computers to resolve most technical problems, without ever setting foot in your office, saving you time and money
  • Live help desk support 8AM-10PM (EST) Monday - Friday

Patch Management

No longer will you wonder if your Windows systems are being kept up to date with the latest security patches. The Casey Group ensures your computers are kept current and secure.

Spyware and Virus Defense

The Casey Group performs regular spyware and virus scans on your systems keeping them free of malicious software and annoying spyware programs.

Auto Backup

No more wondering if your backups are working. The likelihood is that you are just not backing up your PC today. This is a critical issue in restoring a broken or lost PC. All data in your MY DOCUMENTS directory will be backed up, protecting your valuable information.