Casey Unified Process (CUP)

After handling many large scale projects in a traditional way, The Casey Group devised a methodology, the Casey Unified Process (CUP), that is based on RUP, V Model and FDD. The CUP methodology:

  • Divides entire software development process into phases similar to RUP.
  • Depends on thorough requirement gathering and analysis in the beginning of the project to give us a better understanding of the detailed project scope, budgeting and planning (similar to RUP).
  • Depends on detailed project planning and its execution is based on the available requirements and a detailed project scope. CUP also sticks to the project plan as much as possible (similar to RUP).
  • Emphasis on preparing, as well as maintaining, required documentation in parallel with activities performed in given phases of the project. CUP also gets client signoff on documentation as the project proceeds (similar to RUP).
  • Brings the test team to the frontline along with the development team right from the beginning of the project. CUP also lets the test team prepare for their activities in parallel with the development team (similar to the V Model).
  • Breaks the overall project into major business functions and features and promotes building the major business functions and features into smaller pieces (similar to FDD).
  • Promotes iterative development during the construction of the major business functions/features similar to FDD.
  • Promotes development of the major business functions and features in parallel to building several components in parallel (similar to the overlapped V Model).
  • Has a strict change management system to track bugs and new requirements, and provides proper feed back at the proper phase in the development process.

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