Cloud Development

From many perspectives, the cloud brings new challenges, especially when developing in a hybrid environment. This is one reason why The Casey Group recommends performing a PreCloud Technical Assessment to ensure that all challenges have been considered. There are considerations when thinking of design strategies as well as how systems are migrated from a non-cloud environment.

The Casey Group is a full systems integration and development firm with years of experience in technology services. We have developed on a variety of platforms and have performed numerous migration and integration projects to help companies enable their business through IT. We bring this knowledgeable custom development experience into the Cloud environment to help companies sort through the complexities of developing apps in this environment and to also help them integrate with the existing IT systems that may not be in the Cloud.

By starting with a PreCloud Technical Assessment on through to project design and implementation following The Casey Way, Cloud projects are assured a higher chance of success. Whether the development is on Amazon’s EC2, Microsoft’s Azure or IBM’s Cloud platform, The Casey Group has the experience to develop a solution for you and to integrate it with your existing systems.