Custom Application Development

The Casey Group specializes in custom software development to create solutions that fit exactly to the customer's specifications. In many cases, software packages will not suffice in providing the features and functionality that a company requires. Implementation of a package solution may require that a company compromise requirements or in some cases actually change business practices and processes to accommodate packaged solutions. If modifications are required to the package, the cost benefits that were originally assumed in the beginning start to vanish.

We can develop projects that are based on your specifications and our IT Assessment.

Our Custom Application Development team can provide:

  • Full development services for custom application development based on client goals and objectives
  • Enhancements to current applications to improve feature/functionality
  • Integration with enterprise Document Management Systems
  • Code remediation for existing application code to bring into standards
  • Performance improvement
  • Migration to a new technology or higher version of software
  • Implementation of best practice code techniques

We use Open source technologies within the development process that are based on relevance, cost efficiency, and your guidelines. We also fully integrate the various proven frameworks within the application.