Our Values

Everything we do at The Casey Group is based on some simple core values.

  • Customer First – Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and everything we do should strive to deliver customer value and success.
  • Results with Integrity – Focus on delivering results, but get there in the right way; legally and with integrity.
  • Respect and Teamwork – Have respect for the individual and the team.  Succeed with individual initiative and teamwork.
  • Continuous Improvement – Learn from experiences and mistakes, and strive for continuous improvement.  Be an expert, promote personal development and learning. Use process and metrics to measure progress.
  • Straight Talk – Communicate clearly and truthfully.  Don’t hide issues, deal with them.  Communicate, Communicate, Communicate Two way, openly, constantly.
  • Accountability – Be personally accountable for meeting commitments, making the numbers, and satisfying customers.  Be an ACE – Accountable and Competent with Enthusiasm.
  • Celebrate Success – Recognize and celebrate “Values and Victories.”  Have Fun!