PreCloud Technical Assessment

The Casey Group offers a PreCloud Technical Assessment service that helps companies evaluate their cloud strategy and provides an assessment of current or new applications that are being considered for cloud deployment. Our technical architects, from both software development and network infrastructure, evaluate all aspects of the design to ensure that your cloud deployment strategies can be realized. Depending on the approach (Public, Private or Hybrid), client specifications and requirements, and other factors, various considerations are reviewed and evaluated, such as:

  • Security Setup
  • Network Bandwidth for performance
  • Database Replication
  • Backup / Recovery Procedures
  • Application code factors
  • Third Party utilities and access
  • Software version upgrades needed to work with the cloud provider
  • In a hybrid environment, internal interfaces and communications between applications
  • Encryption and Key management considerations
  • Application Scalability

Once the PreCloud Technical Assessment has been completed, we do a full review with you. The review covers risks, estimated costs, technical areas that need to be remediated, and recommendations. The PreCloud Technical Assessment will give you better insight into your cloud readiness and a clear understanding of risks and costs. You will be better prepared to make the right decision for your business.