Business Solutions

In our twenty years of serving clients across multiple industries, we have developed expertise in addressing IT issues that are common to most companies without regard to industry. For example, have you ever worried about how a merger or acquisition will impact IT performance; or have you wanted to improve the quality and accessibility of critical information? Maybe you are faced with an opportunity to increase market share but are concerned about your sales and back end systems. What about the Cloud and the need for Mobility applications? It can be overwhelming for most companies but we can help. We start by listening to your needs.

Integrating Multiple Legacy Systems

Business combinations make economic sense when scale and product alignment synergies result in a merged organization that is more profitable than the formerly independent companies. Afterwards, however, transformation projects that move the acquired group’s processes off their legacy system onto the other’s system are often needed.

Companies often find it difficult to sacrifice the staff’s time in a way that would enable them to succeed at these deeper, synergy challenges. These companies realize that they cannot afford to dedicate their best and brightest people to technology transformation projects and still succeed in meeting normal operational goals. However, IT managers must address this issue; otherwise they will risk running a patchwork of duplicate systems that will grow with each subsequent acquisition.

If you have multiple legacy systems performing the same process for separate pieces of your company, The Casey Group can help. We can conduct our Full IT Business Processing Assessment and help you formulate a horizon view (based on your business strategy, growth aspirations and competitive environment) of what you ultimately want your processes and related systems to be.

Next, we work with you to creatively design a series of realistic changes that move you from your current situation through one or more workable interim states. At The Casey Group, we leverage our extensive experience in integrating legacy applications to plan and execute successful interim states for our clients. These interim solutions bridge the data and user experience of the multiple legacy processes onto a single view of information and a common transactional process while the new bridge solution continues to interact with the underlying legacy application in the background. Afterwards, we move on to your horizon view.

The completion of workable interim states and attainment of your horizon view involves our Systems Integration services and Application Development services.

Improving the Quality and Accessibility of Information

The demands of operating the IT functions and keeping everything running in good shape can absorb all of the managerial and technical capacity of your company. Yet, to remain competitive, your business requires more relevant and more dependable information.

If your company lacks the resources to accomplish improvement projects, The Casey Group can help. We enable you to apply your talented staff to the improvement projects that are needed to improve your company’s competitiveness. Through our Outsourcing service, The Casey Group can quickly provide an experienced, talented and reliable team to cover some or all of your IT operations functions, freeing up your staff to tackle the improvement projects. We can also be a help you cut costs and increase your efficiency by handling Systems Integration or Application Development elements of your improvement projects.

Increasing Market Share

The IT organization, working with the business managers in the front lines, can have a tremendous impact on enabling the company to capture market share in its existing markets or to successfully enter new markets. Technology can be used to cost-effectively gather and analyze feedback about customer satisfaction. It can be leveraged to improve apparently mundane, but surprisingly important, aspects of the customer experience such as invoicing information, self-service account management and enhanced cash settlement options. Technology can be employed to provide customer relations staff with the immediate access to information they need to address a broad range of customer questions and concerns in the fairly brief timeframe permissible in the mind of a confused, impatient or frustrated customer.

The Casey Group can help you leverage technology in these areas and others to improve your customers’ buying or service experience.

The most radical impacts of IT on competitiveness are achieved when technologies are used to reduce the quantity of people and materials required to convert resources into products and to get those products into the hands of customers. The Casey Group has the Senior Leadership experience and a strong roster of technology experts to help you leverage technology to both reduce costs and enhance your customers’ experience, which will put you in a better position to capture market share.

Providing Field Staff with Access to Enterprise Data

The advent of smart mobile devices is creating opportunities for your sales team, field technicians, transportation crews, and customer service reps (and perhaps even your customer directly) to access enterprise data as they move about outside your walls (and outside your firewalls) transacting your business. If you don’t identify and address those opportunities, your competitors certainly will.

However, changes are so rapid that industry standards are not yet coalescing and technologies that were impressive a year ago are soon to be superseded. In addition, there are concerns about the risks of possibly exposing enterprise data to unintended viewers.

The Casey Group’s broad range of experience and services in Operations and Systems Integration and Mobility Applications Development can provide you with a mobility solutions partner that can

  • Help you make sense out of which technologies are more likely to have staying power
  • Plan how those technologies can be applied to your business
  • Provide the technical capability to successfully implement those technologies in ways that help you accomplish your information distribution goals while maintaining a high degree of access security

Nearly 4 out of 5 of the internet users access the internet using a mobile device. We can make sure that every member of your organization stays connected and integrates with mission critical applications when they are away from the office. We extend your reach and increase your overall productivity in and out of the office.

Cloud Computing

Is cloud just a “buzz phrase” or does cloud computing have the potential to be a game changer? We think that cloud computing can lower costs and increase IT flexibility and subsequently business operations for many companies. Our PreCloud Technical Assessment can help you evaluate your cloud strategy from a technical perspective and provide an assessment on current or new applications being considered for cloud deployment. By starting with a PreCloud Technical Assessment on through to project design and implementation following The Casey Way, Cloud projects are assured a higher chance of success. Whether the development is on Amazon’s EC2, Microsoft’s Azure or IBM’s Cloud platform, The Casey Group has the experience to develop a solution for you and to integrate it with your existing systems.